taeyeon_ss: unnie, did you have that alone????!

svnnynight: don’t tell me to drink less!!ㅋㅋ this is the first frozen beer i’ve had~!! in about a month? >_< 350ml?!

taeyeon_ss: after learning [hash]tagging, what are you using it for, huh? you should have used it at times like this to unnie (herself). does unnie have to see this while passing it by carelessly? then, if i were to pass over this beer photo, what were you going to do? aigoo, you’re really something

svnnynight: @2among why did you go drinking while leaving me out, why!!!!

taeyeon_ss: ugh, smell of alcohol

svnnynight: what the heck, taeyeon_ss. you left a comment?! this is like a chatroomㅋㅋ it’s going by so fast that it’s hard for me to keep upㅠㅠ

svnnynight: i went, and found it and looked at it elsewhere!!! if you keep being like this, i’m going to tell on how you had a swig of my frozen beer earlier, and made a facial expression that said, “oh my. what in the world. what is this. oh my. my goodness. you have to have this!”!!! :p

svnnynight: no, i only let her have one sip of my drink. i’m not such an easy person. ahem!

svnnynight: what the heck, gong minyoung (sooyoung’s role in ‘Cyrano’) kissed?! oh my!!!!! (or pretty much any expression equivalent to ‘oh my’)

svnnynight: no no. earlier, when we went to eat donkatsu, on the menu was cold katsudon and frozen beer on a limited summer menu, so we tried it. yes, yes~

svnnynight: but really, I drank for the first time in a while. I only had one drinkkkk

svnnynight: believe meeee!!! also, underaged people, don’t drink. you’ll get stupid. you’re going to get in trouble!!

trans cr.: ch0sshi

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